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Dorset Consulting is expert in and implementation, training and support. We have over 25 years of managerial, business and computer experience with businesses of all types and sizes. We provide high-quality business and technical expertise to make your company’s a success.

DorsetConsultingCloudDorset Consulting looks at not as an end in itself but as a means to reach your business goals. is an extremely powerful data and business management tool. Because it is seems so easy to set up, it is easy to do wrong. You need to plan right, set it up right, train right, use it right. To do all this, to get the full power and value out of your investment in time and money and to ensure that it is used to its fullest, requires a combination of business and knowledge.

Whatever the state of your use, we can help you. If you:

  • Are just starting and want expert help in the implementation (“Let’s do it right from the beginning”)
  • Have started implementing and now say “Wait, this is deeper than we expected”
  • Are using it and are frustrated (“it’s so complex and time-consuming to use,” “I don’t get enough value from it,” “Our data is a mess,” “I can’t get the information I want,” “There must be more to than this,” “Is just hype?”)
  • Have salesforce and it’s fine and now want to do more (“We’re ready to expand our use and we don’t have the knowledge or resources to do it”)
  • Are thinking about using or and want help making the decision (“Is or right for my organization? – how do I decide?”)

Dorset Consulting will provide expert and dedicated assistance to respond to these needs.

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