Why Dorset Consulting?

Dorset Consulting excels at showing businesses how to make the most effective and efficient use of their people and information, using Salesforce.com and Force.com as the software tools.

shutterstock_27941629We understand that for success, your Salesforce.com implementation has to meet the needs of users and management. We make sure your project starts right, or if it’s underway, that it follows the right path: plan right, set it up right, use it right. We are very user-centric.

We make sure that developing your Salesforce.com site is a genuine team effort. We help you use the breadth and depth of Salesforce.com and Force.com. We help you leverage the AppExchange to increase the power of Salesforce.com. And we are dedicated to your company and to the continuing success of your Salesforce.com implementation- we never leave until you are satisfied…and we are always available to provide on-going support.

We build on our years of experience and on best practices as we assist in defining the goals, scope, requirements and design of your project. We guide your project team in defining and examining your current data and business processes. We suggest turning this effort into a chance to look at what you do, how you do it and how you could be more streamlined and effective. We encourage you to use the planning phase not just to define how to put what you are doing now into Salesforce.com, but to use the move as an opportunity to potentially introduce changes.

We implement Salesforce.com expertly. We convert your existing data to clean, complete, unduplicated Salesforce.com data and assure that it stays that way. We train your users. We work with them to assure thorough adoption. We show managers and users what their roles and obligations are in creating success.

We know that moving to new software applications can be stressful for staff and management. Everyone has to take time to learn to work in ways that are unfamiliar. To cope with new management demands. To understand how to get information. For these reasons and others, reluctant user adoption can undermine even the best Salesforce.com implementation. Because we are so attuned to this issue, we work closely with the users to smooth the transition period and to ultimately assure the success of the project through user cooperation and satisfaction.

Contact us for more information or to see a personalized demonstration of Salesforce.com.

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